there is plenty to see and do around castle harbour and in the Town of st. George with the dive shop as your base. enjoy the Harbour's crystal clear water by kayak, paddleboard or sailboat, where you can experience corals and fish in abundance right on the shore line. use the handy reef life app to identify the creatures of the ocean. Alternatively, motor into the olde towne for lunch and a stroll.


Bermuda became inhabited after the English ship, the Sea Venture, was wrecked on the reefs that surround us in 1609. Remarkably, the ship's company survived. All but two eventually left the island to continue their original purpose—taking supplies to the starving settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. In 1612, The Plough arrived with Bermuda's first true settlers, to begin life in what is now the oldest continuously occupied town of English origin in the New World - the Town of St. George.

Named after the legendary dragon slayer and patron saint of England, St. George was Bermuda's capital for more than 200 years. Today, more than four centuries later, evidence of its remarkable history abounds. While it is a popular centre of business and retail activity, it is the town's history, visible in its picturesque cottages, quaint lanes and alleyways, and its wealth of military, civic and religious architecture that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Significantly, the 'Historic Town of St. George and Related Fortifications' were designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in December 2000, in recognition of their "outstanding universal value". Check out the St. George's Foundation website for great and useful information. You'll enjoy your wander around the Olde Towne even more!

Directions (see map below): From Tucker's Point Dive & Water Sports, motor northwesterly (that is, turn left) to the Olde Towne by going under the Causeway, through Ferry Reach, under the Swing Bridge and into St. George's Harbour. You can tie up at the dock face behind Ordnance Island (see map, right), and explore the town on foot. It is a compact town with goods and services you will not find in Hamilton. Stay for lunch or afternoon tea. Your options are boundless!

the Castle harbour islands & tucker's Town Bay

The Castle Harbour islands, which form part of the Castle Harbour Islands Nature Reserve, are a group of islands and islets lying across the mouth of Castle Harbour, separating the Harbour from the Atlantic Ocean. This group includes Nonsuch Island, Southampton Island, Charles Island and Castle Island. These islands are home to a number of Bermuda's critically endangered endemic species such as the Bermuda Skink and West Indian Top Shell.

While you cannot land on these islands without permission, you can delight in aspects of this wildlife sanctuary from the water before anchoring off the beaches at Castle Point (pictured above) and enjoying a swim in beautifully clear turquoise water.

Of these islands, Nonsuch Island is most important for the conservation of our national bird, the Cahow. A nocturnal seabird long thought to be extinct, the Cahow was discovered in the late 1950s by Dr. David Wingate. Since 1960, Nonsuch Island has been the site of an ongoing environmental restoration project to re-establish the habitat for nesting pairs so as to foster growth of the near extinct population. In addition to the work carried out to ensure the Cahow flourishes - and it is! - more than 10,000 native and endemic plants have been installed, and endangered species are encouraged to thrive in this protected habitat.

The Castle Harbour Islands also contain important historical sites: Southampton Fort on Southampton Island and three fortifications - Devonshire Redoubt, the King's Castle and the Landward Fort - on Castle Island.

Directions (see map below): From Tucker's Point Dive & Water Sports, motor or kayak southerly and then easterly (in other words, turn right) along the coast of Castle Harbour, winding your way around the islands and islets, and being careful not to venture into the ocean. You can see amazing bird life around Nonsuch Island and enjoy snorkeling in the calm bay north of Nonsuch Island, where marine life is usually teeming around the shallow wreck that is there. Observe Cooper's Island too (sorry - no landing here either), a NASA tracking facility for space shuttle voyages for many years. From there you can motor back towards the bays of Castle Point and enjoy fantastic sand beaches. All beaches in Bermuda are public from the high water mark down into the water, so all can be accessed from the sea no questions asked.

On your way back to the dive shop, check out Tucker's Town Bay and soak in great examples of our architectural vernacular from the water. Sightseeing at its best!

Please note: landing on Nonsuch and Castle Islands is by permit only. Visits can be arranged by contacting the Terrestrial Conservation Officer at the Department of Conservation Services. However, there are no tours of Nonsuch Island offered during July and August and, due to recent hurricane damage, the island is currently closed to even arranged visits. We will alert you when that status changes. 

tom moore's jungle

Tom Moore's Jungle is the local name for Walsingham Nature Reserve, which, together with Blue Hole Park and the Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve, makes up a 12 acre spread of trails and offshoot paths through a dense woodland area. The trails lead to numerous caves  and grottoes with great stalactite formations, as well as numerous tunnels and natural pools.

Tom Moore, the Irish poet, penned verses under a Calabash tree in the reserve in 1844, which is how the tavern (now a restaurant) derived its name. Blue Hole Park gets its name from a pool with crystal clear deep blue water surrounded by a mangrove forest on one side and rocks and crevices on the other. And, Idwal Hughes? Well he's likely famous for something local but we're not sure what.

Directions (see map below): From Tucker's Point Dive & Water Sports, you can motor or kayak northwesterly (you got it: go left) into the bay at Tom Moore's Tavern and tie up at the dock (high tide is best for this disembarking point). Select almost any red dirt path and begin an exploration of the nature reserve. You will stumble upon small pools, caves and tunnels, occasionally catching glimpses of Castle Harbour, as the intrepid among you make it all the way to Blue Hole. Not keen on exploring strange lands alone? No worries. We can arrange a special guided tour for you. Remember, though, it is a nature reserve, so please take only pictures and leave only footprints


So, what do you see when you dive or snorkel in Bermuda? Well, you can find out very easily using the island's own Bermuda Reef Life HD app. Downloaded onto your iPhone, iPad or Android device, Bermuda Reef Life HD is a comprehensive underwater photography app featuring over 260 high definition images divided into 14 sections that showcase the beauty and diversity of Bermuda beneath the water's surface.   

More than just fish and other marine life images, there are underwater photographs of favorite reef and wreck sites too. The wreck photos show a selection of the many historic shipwrecks in Bermuda’s waters. A Buoyed Dive Site Map with pop up photographs and descriptions is included as well. Just tap on your device screen to reveal a description of each photograph.

The publishers are Bermuda Zoological Society and the Atlantic Conservation Partnership, the non-profit organisations that support the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. All underwater images have been donated by Bermudian underwater photographer Ron Lucas, whose images are seen on this website too, and all revenue goes towards the work of these charities.

CLICK HERE for more information on your download options.

other things to do

What more can we say? When you've finished diving/boating/kayaking/swimming/snorkeling/sailing/paddleboarding with us for the day, there's always the rest of the island to explore. Bermuda Tourism is chock full of suggestions!



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The areas marked "Do Not Cross" will take you into the Atlantic Ocean. Our rentals are not insured outside the protected bays of Castle Harbour, Ferry Reach and St. George's Harbour - and neither are you. The seas are considerably rougher in the ocean, even when they look calm, which is why you are forbidden from going there. Don't do it! We're not kidding!

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